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Dear all,

Some 48 hours on and we are now in a better position to estimate how the recent earthquake will impact on PRHNZ logistics and freight.

Please find below important information about how Penguin Random House will be managing stock into the Wellington region and South Island from today onwards.


Notwithstanding the road closures we are aware of and/or allowing for the wild weather that is now hitting Wellington, most North Island logistics will not be affected.


There are currently two inter-island ferries running, which means there continues to be an avenue to transport freight to the South Island as per our usual practice. There will, however, likely be some delays until the third ferry is up and running again. We have no timeframe around that as yet.

Please be aware that there may be instances where our stock is offloaded to make way for Civil Defence activity. We will advise of any such delays.


Instead of moving goods down the South Island via the East Coast and achieving Branch Deliveries into Blenheim, Nelson and Kaikoura along the way, the Toll trucks will need to go down the West Coast and then take all freight to Christchurch to distribute from there. The impact of this will be additional time required for delivery, owing to more onerous roads and longer distance travelled. At this stage we have no timeframe as to how long we will need to operate in this way, but current reports suggest it will be a case of months, not weeks.


Toll have recommended that we allow an additional 1–2 days for deliveries in the South Island. As a general rule of thumb we have at times been experiencing 6–7 working-day deliveries into the South Island over this Christmas Period, so in light of recent events please allow 7–9 working days from order to delivery. This is obviously a worst-case scenario and will most certainly improve as things settle in the weeks to come. North Island lead time should remain unchanged and for that we have been allowing up to 5–6 working days during this Christmas period.


Airfreighting stock directly into Christchurch has been given serious consideration however in the short term we have been advised against this by our logistics teams due to the significant increase in freight volume and subsequent offloads we would likely experience. It will remain a viable contingency option for us if and when required.

PRH, Toll and UBD are meeting daily to review the situation in order to ensure we are best placed to make immediate changes should we need to.


Should any bookseller want us to hold orders due to an inability to take receipt of stock, please touch base directly with either myself (details below) or Colin Pinfold (

Our thoughts are with those affected and their families during this very difficult time.

Warmest regards,
Carrie Welch

Sales Director
Penguin Random House New Zealand
67 Apollo Drive, Rosedale, Auckland 0632
P +64 (9) 442 7498
M +64 27 570 7112
F +64 (9) 442 7401

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